Cascada la Chorrera: Charcos en
Santiago y Cisneros

La chorrera
La chorrera

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La chorrera vsa
La chorrera vsa

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Túnel de la quiebra
Túnel de la quiebra

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La chorrera
La chorrera

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En el municipio de Santiago se encuentra una cascada majestuosa: Las Cascada la Chorrera. Un regalo de la naturaleza, pero lo mejor es llegar hasta allí. A través del túnel de la quiebra en moto rodillo, toda una aventura. Déjate sorprender por la magia de la naturaleza y la Antioquia Oculta.

Podremos tener un senderismo nivel medio hasta los famosos charcos de cisneros.

Información General del Viaje

Downtown Sales Tax Reallocation

Vergennes Grand is located within the Vergennes Designated Downtown, a program that supports local revitalization efforts across Vermont. The City of Vergennes, Vergennes Partnership, and the developer jointly applied and were approved for the Sales Tax Reallocation program. This program reallocates a portion of the sales tax on construction materials for the project back to the municipality (Vergennes).

Historic Restoration

Our circa 1810 historic building will be restored to its original Italianate splendor with a tasteful expansion off the back, maintaining the classic look from the village green.

We have worked with a regional expert on historic restoration with input from the Vermont Division for Historic Preservation to design our renovations and additions. The collaborative approach to the project has produced a design that meets the intent of Section 1604 Specific Standards in several ways.

First, the restored main block will enhance the streetscape, provide an authentic and aesthetically pleasing anchor for the City Park’s northwest corner, and honor the City’s most prolific master-builder and historically significant past residents of the house.

Second, the low-key design lowered rooflines, and a mix of setbacks, projections, and courtyards give the new construction a residential community sensibility, subordinate to the historic main block.

Third, the design of the new structure at 40 North Street reestablishes its historical connection with the main house, lost when the building was converted to a two-family house and covered with synthetic siding.

Finally, setbacks from the street are maintained, new doors and windows are designed for compatibility and residential feel, and lap siding will be used throughout except for the main block which will repair original wood clapboards as part of the overall restoration.

Beautification of Downtown

Thanks to the designated downtown sales tax reallocation program, Vergennes has been approved for over $180,000 to be used for projects in the immediate area including street resurfacing, replacing walkways and lighting in the park, improving intersection safety at Green & North Street, and the replacement of outdated stormwater pipes on North Street.


Currently, Vergennes Residential Care employs 10 full-time and 8 part-time staff. When complete, Vergennes Grand Senior Living Community will employ as many as 35 full-time and 25 part-time staff.

Indirect Consumer Business

Not only will our local senior citizens benefit from this project, so will fellow Addison County businesses. Resident's families visiting town and employees commuting will bring an immediate boost to our local gas, convenience, retail, lodging, and dining establishments.

Local Ownership

The current Vergennes Residential Care building is owned and operated by Dan and Rebecca Hassan of Grand Senior Living in Charlotte, VT. They are passionate about providing quality senior care and are excited to be doing so close to home.

Serving Middle-Income Seniors

Designed to meet the needs of middle-income seniors, our project will continue to serve those participating in the Vermont Choices for Care program, as well as offering rental prices that will allow many Addison County seniors to stay in the local area.

Próximas Salidas Grupales 2021

Domingo 12 de Septiembre

Sábado 25 de Septiembre


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