Senderismo Cola de Caballo a Charco Los Patos en Ciudad Bolivar

cascada cola de caballo
cascada cola de caballo

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charco los patos
charco los patos

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cascada cola de caballo
cascada cola de caballo

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Es una cascada de agua cristalina proveniente de la Reserva Forestal Farallones del Citará, con una altura aproximada de 55 metros. Es un lugar ideal para disfrutar de la naturaleza

Información General del Viaje


When should I book my session?

You can book you cake smash any time within your baby's first year, however, my diary does get full quite quickly and I only book in a certain amount of studio sessions per month so to avoid disappointment I'd say book your session in with a deposit as soon as you can (this guarantees your session). At the very latest I need around 4-6 weeks notice to make sure I have everything ready for your personalised set up; backdrops, outfits, and cake design etc.

What can I expect from my session?

I split my cake smash sessions into 4 parts; the birthday portraits in their best party clothes, "baking" the cake using cake mix and child-friendly utensils, the cake smash itself, and then the bubbly bath at the end to clean up! These sessions usually last an hour but if we need snack, water, or Peppa Pig breaks in between each set up - that's totally fine! My sessions are always relaxed and led by your little one's mood.

How do I prepare for my session?

Try to give your child little bits of sponge cake in the weeks and days leading up to their smash. You'd be surprised how many parents have forgotten this importrant step which nearly always results in baby being too scared to touch or taste the cake! Make sure to let me know roughly want time they like to nap and snack during the day so we can find the best time for our session so they're at their happiest when they come into the studio.

What do I need to bring?

I'd suggest bringing some other (healthier) snacks and water or juice for your little one, sometimes all that sugar can be too much! Also, bring a smart outfit for the first part of the portrait shoot, and maybe a change of clothes for yourself and your child in case things get a bit messy. If you've opted to bring any clothes or nappy covers for the smash, your own cake, or any personal items for the backdrop's theme (i.e. toys) make sure to pack those too.

Can I take photos?

You are more than welcome to take a few behind the scenes shots (as I love to see and post those on my social media too!), but make sure those BTS photos do not impede on the shots I am being paid to take for you.

Can I/my partner/children/pets be included in the photos?

Yes absolutely! I love to include parents and siblings during the birthday portraits part at the beginning of the session, as they can provide a great variety of images for your final gallery. Please let me know beforehand whether you'd like to incorporate others into your cake smash session.

What should we wear for our photos?

It is always best to stick to neutral colours without any big patterns, prints or logos. It might also be a good idea to coordinate with your child's smart outfit, or the general colour scheme of their set up too.

How long does it take for my photos to be ready?

Your final edits should take around 1-2 weeks. During this time I will be retouching any skin blemishes and fixing and backgrounds by hand myself to make sure everything is perfect for your final images. I will also order your products and wall art which takes up to 10 working days to be delivered. If you have requested a fast sneak peak, your image will be ready by 5pm on the day of your session.

How do I choose my photos?

After your session I will choose the best 20 or so images with some basic editing to the colours and background etc, but no full skin retouching yet. Around a week after your session I will upload your images to a private online gallery for you to have a look through and choose which final images you'd like to purchase.

When will their actual cake smash be?

Usually, I reccommend booking their session for around two weeks before their actual birthday. That way I can send over your preview gallery, edit your final images choices, order any prints or products if necessary, and get everything back to you in time for their big day! Although, some do choose to have the cake smash on their little one's actual birthday as part of the day's celebrations. In this case, I always try to send one sneak peak over by the end of the day for you in case you wanted to do a social media post.

What do you provide?

I provide all of the backdrops, props, outfits (including: romper suits, nappy covers, bow ties, braces, and crowns) for the cake smash, the bubble bath, and the cake itself. If you wanted to bring any of your own items from the above list, that's not a problem! I just ask that you let me know beforehand.

Do you cater for any allegies?

Yes, I will provide an allergy form to fill out prior to our session, on the form please let me know if you child has any allergies that you know of and I will work with my baker to ensure your cake is safe for your child.

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